My Earliest Human Memory

Two things.

1.) I haven’t figured out how to link my tumblr to my wordpress. Hell, I just found out what tumblr is. BUT…someone on tumblr asked me a really interesting question and I want to share it.

What is your earliest human memory?

This was my response:

I’m pretty sure it’s my Kindergarten graduation.

I was wearing a fancy dress and I remember thinking “this is what it’s like to be pretty”. The next thing I remember is coming to my grandmother’s house and being excited because everybody there was going to see me and think I was pretty!

When we got there, my cousin came out (we graduated together) and she looked SO beautiful. Everything about her was better than me. I remember feeling crushed. All morning, until we got there and I saw her, I had completely forgotten that she was the pretty one.

Oh well! The graduation was fun and I remember the presentations that we all did.

2.) I forgot what this was supposed to be. But you should leave a comment and tell me about your earliest human memory.



2 thoughts on “My Earliest Human Memory

  1. Michelle R. Yisrael says:

    Yes cousin was also pretty, but I only had eyes for you. I thought you were the prettiest one. I am sure her mother thought she was the prettiest one. Conversly, I am also sure that granny thought you were both the prettiest. Pretty is relative and in the eye of the beholder. I am so sorry your pretty self was so crushed by such triviality. You were then and still are, pretty both inside and out.

    • love, peace & art says:

      I guess that’s the best thing about “pretty”. Everybody can and will be the prettiest to somebody that loves them.

      And I was 5, lol. At the time, it didn’t seem trivial.

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