The Answer is Love

This is the first official announcement being made about “The Answer is Love“. Count it all joy that you, dear reader, are privy to such information. Or not. It’s completely up to you.

The Answer is Love” is my latest baby. It’s a mixed-media production and, to my knowledge, the first of it’s kind. I’ve been grappling with a few issues concerning the show for a few weeks now. I will list them below, though they are in no particular order of difficulty or importance.

1.) Location, Location, Location.
2.) Money answereth all things.
3.) I’m in the way.

1.) Location, Location, Location.
This Real Estate industry mantra seems to be relevant regardless of your industry, lol, and it was certainly relevant for TAIL. If the price was right, the theatre didn’t have enough seats to be a consideration. If the seating worked, there weren’t any available dates. If the dates were available and the seating got me excited, the price was astronomical. If the price wasn’t astronomical, the neighborhood was atrocious. Emails weren’t responded to, calls weren’t returned et al. Then it seemed as though the Theatre God (a.k.a. – God) winked and the theatre appeared!

TAIL will have it’s opening night in the McCormick Auditorium at The Illinois Institute of Technology. Tons of seats? Check. Good cost/value? Check. Parking? Check. $5 gallons of tap water? Check.

Errr!!! Slam the brakes, did I just say $5 for a gallon of tap water??? Yes, I did. Thankfully, that’s optional. I opted out. 🙂

2.) Money answereth all things.
If this needs explaining, you must be a 6th generation Rockefeller and, if so, I’m delighted that you’re reading my blog (the only thing more delightful would be a blank check with your signature). For everyone else: money answereth all things and for a while, it felt like there were far more questions than there were answers. My mother’s creative bookkeeping mixed with an outside investor (shout out to you, little Rockefeller) seems to have rectified this issue. Seems like it was a non-issue all along.

3.) I’m in the way.
And the real problem emerges!!! Here’s the short version: I’m experiencing emotional pain, a “dark night of the soul”, if you will. Love gone wrong. Maybe I should write about it. Writing about it means thinking about it. Thinking about it means crying about it. I’m not crying as much anymore. The show is still not written. I don’t want to “man-bash”. I don’t want to make him look (or feel) bad. He wasn’t an a-hole all the time. Thinking about the good times makes me cry. Think about the bad times. Thinking about the bad times makes me cry. Is what happened to me really all that interesting anyway? Does anyone care, besides me, that I fell in love fast and got cheated on even faster? Is that even a story? The show is still not written. What am I doing with my life? Where has my hope gone? I can’t even write a script!! Does this mean that my career is over? Can a career be over when the only person reading my blog is my mother? I need to just focus on the characters, not my own personal situation. Besides, he hasn’t called since I left so he may never even find out about this show. Characters!! Where’s my inspiration? Where’s my motivation? Will we sell enough tickets? Not if there’s no show to sell tickets for! Oh God, the show is still not written. I don’t know what the story is. Don’t cry.

The good news: last night, I discovered the story. The bad news: the show is still not written.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of the theatre. It was taken on my cell phone. That’s one for technology!


5 thoughts on “The Answer is Love

  1. thetofuchitlincircuit says:

    Hi Ella,

    I read your blog and too enjoy juxtaposing media with live theater. I would suggest checking out John Jesurun, he is a MacArthur Fellow. He has defined the world of media and theater.

    Also check out Reggie Watts, a hip-hop beat maker, theater and media performer.

    There are so many people doing just what you are doing. I’m sure their examples will be helpful.


  2. Anayah says:

    If I had known about your blog, I would’ve read and commented sooner!

    Congratulations on overcoming to major external obstacles. I’m sure you’re in prayer about that last internal one. I’m a big fan of Steven Pressfield’s book “The War of Art” about winning the creative battle. Might be some great motivating lines in there to help you along your journey! If I’m Chicago in March, I’ll make it a point to check out the how. Do your thing, beautiful lady!

    • Ella Lacey says:

      Thanks Anayah!!

      And I’ll have to make sure I get that book. The creative battle is one of the toughest battles to fight in life!

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