60 Days Later

It won’t officially be 60 days until this Thursday, but we have a show that night and hopefully, I’ll be too busy to post!

I kid…hopefully, I’ll post for sure. The irony of having a show open 60 days after our March opening was lost on me until about 5 minutes ago when I started this post. God is quite a clever being and I’m pleased as punch to have been made in His image. It means my shows are guaranteed to be AWESOME.

So, all that’s left to do at this point is reflect.

Everything above this sentence was written on May 9. It’s May 16 today so the 60 day mark has officially come and gone. But reflections will still happen. And I’ve got 5 shows to reflect upon.


So, first & foremost, the show has improved. And that’s got to be a good thing. I had a vision of a seamless merging of film & theater; I wanted to make a live movie. It was lofty and ambitious and I have felt, at times, that it was a mistake.

At times I have felt frightened & overwhelmed at the task I have undertaken. Sometimes, alone.

Starting your own company is very scary business. Returning to theater after a 7 year absence is very scary business. Doing them both simultaneously is very, very scary business.


What Do You Think?

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