My Writing

I have never had a shortage of ideas. I run into trouble with the writing/execution because, in my estimation, I was born a director but not a writer. For the past couple of years, I’ve complained as much as I can about needing a writing partner. It seemed to me the lack of a partner was the key to why I could never execute the script for an idea.

Last night, I finished my 2nd painting. Though, the first one was just an exploration of brushes and colors so, my 2nd could really be considered my 1st. Anyway, painting allows for a freeing of the mind. While I was painting last night, it hit me that, for most of my ideas, I have no idea what they are about. I normally get my ideas in the form of who or what. If my idea is wrapped around “what”, the first thing I do is flush out the “who”. But for most of my ideas, scripts, completed films, I’m at a loss to answer the simple question: “what’s it about?” I hardly ever know.

But that’s so important. Knowing what it’s about keeps the theme consistent throughout the story. In marketing, I believe that is called the red thread. And when it comes to red threads, I’ve completely missed the ball! But I’m not going to beat myself up about it. In fact, rather than lament the past, I’m choosing to be excited about the present and the future. I’ll keep you posted on my highly anticipated execution!

Be Fearless,


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