The Washington Wizards began playing basketball this season on December 26, 2011. Until last night, they hadn’t won a single game.

When some people lose, it becomes easier to lose. When you lose 2 games in a row, it becomes easy for that to be 4 in a row. With every loss, your confidence gets chipped away more & more. With every loss, it seemed as though the Wizards played less & less effectively. They stopped believing they could win.

The Chicago Bulls won their first game of the season. They lost the next game by a pretty large margin. They went on to win their next six games before losing by another pretty large margin. After losing, they come out to win. After winning, they come out to win.

When they come out to win, they win. They play with the confidence that they will find a way.

Whether or not it is justified, I’ve felt like the Washington Wizards. I’ve felt like a team on a losing streak. I’ve felt that sluggish performance that comes with knowing a loss is imminent and the despair of feeling like I’m going to lose so why bother trying.

I know that I have to get my confidence back if I want to play well. It’s the only way to win. In the 9 wins the Bulls have recorded, some of them looked like certain losses: the score was down a significant amount and there wasn’t much time left to play. But one or more players believed that they could still win. And that’s exactly what they did. So, confidence. I need confidence. I need to know that, “no matter what the score looks like, I can still win this.”

I’ve got to get my confidence back.

I’m inclined to think trying has a lot to do with it. When you’re on a losing streak, it’s hard to muster up the courage to try. When you’ve tried & failed, trying tends to be low on your to-do list. But, I honestly think it’s the only way. It’s the way to build confidence, especially because that first try takes a lot of mental pumping-up.

I’ve got to get my confidence back.

I’ve got to try.


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