Led by Example

Six years ago, my mother was chronically unemployed. This was a woman with a Master’s Degree and a proven success rate. This was also a woman that wasn’t getting hired, offers, calls or responses. So she did what any sane person would do in that situation.

She panicked.

I’m joking.

She calmly got up each morning, sat at the computer and wrote. She wrote on her blog, she worked on a novel, she filled out job applications, she wrote proposals, se wrote curriculum. She just wrote.

The most important part of her sitting and writing was the faith that led her. It was a sight to behold and it was a great lesson for myself & my siblings to both witness and experience. That same faith has seen her in the last four years go from unemployed writer/educator straight into Director of Curriculum for the Banner Schools. That same faith saw her go from sitting at a broken down computer writing to traveling for work with a brand new MacBook Pro. That same faith has seen her change vehicles, develop hobbies & friendships, and witness constant growth in her career.

I’ve been thinking about that time a lot lately because it was one of the few miracles I’ve witnessed in my life but also because every morning, I get up, sit at my computer & write.


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