On Music Videos

I’m directing a music video this weekend; it will be the 3rd of my career though the first was a school project and to varying degrees, depending on the day, I think it doesn’t “count”.

Music videos aren’t something I thought I’d be doing. I don’t love music videos. The last entry on a very short list of music videos that I love was probably “Toxic” by Britney Spears, directed by Joseph Kahn. I don’t hate music videos. Before 2002-2003, they were an inalienable part of my daily routine.

Yet, here I am, less than a week away from directing my next music video and the most interesting thing to me is how completely excited I am.

A large part of my development as a director has been discovering my voice & the root of my desire to direct. For me, I’m completely interested in and fascinated by people. People & their stories are an endless source of intrigue. Music videos are interesting to shoot because they present so many possibilities. You’re bringing a story to life, even if it’s not necessarily the story being told in the song.

It’s fun and challenging and it never ceases to pushes my creativity. I think this is love.


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