Ernessa T. Carter is sublime. And I’m in love with her.

I want to be her friend. I want to follow her around and confirm my suspicions that even when she’s wiping down a kitchen counter with a dishrag, she does it sublimely. I want her to write so many words for me that the duration of my life is spent reading them and doing nothing else. I want to disappear into her stories & observe her characters until they cease to exist. And then I want to observe their children.

I’ve just finished reading her books, “32 Candles” & “The Awesome Girl’s Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men” and, my normal response when I’m blown away is to just be speechless. It’s significant because I’m normally a very mouthy person. However, Mrs. Carter has taken me beyond speechlessness to a state of irrepressible effusive enthusiasm. I’m excited. I’m anxious to read more.

I started “32 Candles” Sunday afternoon and have eschewed both work deadlines & sleep because I couldn’t tear myself away.


I’m now updating this post on the last day of October 2017 and I feel just as irrepressibly effusively enthusiastic as I did 3 years ago. I’ve recommended these books to as many people as I can, I’ve read them multiple times myself, I’ve planned the adaptations I’ll make and, generally, have confirmed her brilliance.



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